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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Douala-Yaounde, The Highway of All Fears

In Cameroon the two most publicized road safety campaigns are done in September and in December. This year, the 2010 back to school road safety campaign ran through the month of September with embarrassing statistics for transport officials. By mid-September three accidents had killed close to 20 persons on our highways.

Two of the most deadly crashes occurred on this 231 km stretch that links the political capital Yaounde to the economic first city Douala. The causes of these road accidents vary, from intoxication, to human error to the poor state of the roads.
This week I was in one of the six thousand vehicles that ply the Douala- Yaounde stretch every day, terrified by the statistics that clearly make this highway one of the most feared in the country.
Watch my 5 minute video, that gives you a unique insight on this highway

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