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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The security situation in the Cameroonian border town of Fotokol, in the Logone et Chari division remains tense, since Boko Haram militants stormed the town of Gambaru in Nigeria last August 25.

Gunshots are exchanged daily between Boko Haram fighters and the Cameroon Army, as the Islamist group attempts to seize the Elbeid Bridge, on the border between Cameroon and Nigeria.

Wednesday afternoon a Boko Haram militant was shot dead, just as our reporter fonka muta beau-bernard arrived Fotokol. He updates us on the security situation at that border post.


The once buzzing city of Fotokol has slowed down, as people stay clear of the Elbeid Bridge, which Boko Haram has tried over five times in the past month to seize.

The bridge which connects the border towns of Gambaru in Nigeria and Fotokol in Cameroon, is the area’s main trading route.

Businesses are closed, schools as well as the customs office, following the closure of borders. fonka mutta beau-bernard reports on the socio-economic impact of the tensions.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Fighting Boko Haram Terrorism

If you missed my exclusive reporting on the Cameroon army taking on Boko Haram on the border with Nigeria, here is an online version.
The Cameroon Army and Boko Haram fighters are caught in a face-off in the towns of Limani, Am chide and Kidi-Makari near Kolofata over the last couple of days.

These localities all in the Mayo-Sava division of the Far North region are amongst the new frontlines in the conflict opposing the army to the Islamic militant group.

Limani and Am chide came under attack over the weekend, and gunshots are fired almost on a daily basis. fonka mutta beau-bernard reports on the latest in the conflict theatre.

The security concerns of the last couple of months is being felt in most spheres of society, notably in business. The closure of the borders, and night time transport restrictions are all affecting life in the region.

However the seizure of weapons from a Boko Haram operative in Kousseri one of Cameroon’s northernmost towns this week again demonstrates Cameroon’s determination to smoke out Boko Haram militants from the country.

As fonka mutta beau-bernard reports customs revenue collection and tourism are some of the worst affected sectors.