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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paul Biya Promises University in Bamenda

President Paul Biya has promised a University in Bamenda, during a speech made wednesday in the chief town of North West region. He also promised to construct a thermal plant as a short term solution to the region's acute energy shortage. He spoke of plans to construct a hydro-electric plant on the Menchum river. The president announced a study to construct a reference hospital.The head of state reiterated a promise made some 20 years ago to complete the ring-road a key project linking the seven divisions of the region.

Speaking during at the Golden Jubilee celebration of Cameroon's armed forces, Mr. Biya also promised a series of reforms within the armed forces intended to improve promotion within the ranks.

The head of state for a public appearance uncharacteristically made a long part of speech in English... watch an excerpt in my video below

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Historic town- Bamenda hosts military jubilee

The first chapter of the golden jubilee of Cameroon’s Defence forces will be played out on Bamenda’s Commercial Avenue, the city’s main business hub.
A grand stand with one thousand sitting places is now receiving its final coat of paint. A military parade to be watched by thousands in the chief town of the North-West region will give the kick-off of the 50th Anniversary celebrations. A joint military operation dubbed Operation Golden Lion will feature a hostage release, by commandos backed by an air support team on thursday at the Bafut airport, where a military exhibition will take place.

The Bamenda-Bafut airport is taking the shape of a carnival ground. All branches of the defence forces will exhibit their know-how in these tents.The Bamenda Congress hall that will host more than one state dinner during the celebrations has also been re-looked. The gutters outside cleaned by the city council and the fountain is set to jet out a fresh display of water for the pleasure of the guests awaited here.
Watch my video below...