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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Water Project for 52 Communities

Many localities in Cameroon have little or no access to potable water. Mbankomo, a locality situated 22km from Yaounde had no potable water until an EU-funded project created some water points in 2009.

Today most of the over 2.300 inhabitants of the town continue to harvest rainwater and fetch water from wells. Mbankomo like 52 other localities is to benefit from new water points to be developed by the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation, CAMWATER.

Water and Energy minister, Michael Ngako Tomdio,launched a wide-scale project to rehabilitate and construct water points in 52 localities across Cameroon last Friday. The project of the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation, CAMWATER, launched in Mbankomo and estimated at 400 billion CFAF has been partly funded by the Belgian bank Dexia.

The first phase of the project that will last 18 months will see water points constructed in Mbankomo, Douala, Bogo, Jikejem-Oku and Maroua.
In the following feature I show you the struggle of inhabitants of some rural areas to get potable water each day.