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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cameroon Beats Gabon Again

Cameroon has rekindled its world cup hopes by edging Gabon 2 goals to 1 this afternoon, in a day four qualifier for the World Cup 2010, and the African Cup of Nations. The goals scored midway into both halves of the game came from Jean II Makoun (plays club football for Olympique Lyonnais France) and Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan, Italy). The first goal came at the 24th minute of the first half, and the second at the 23rd minute of the second half. The Gabonese goal was scored by Daniel Cousin in the final moments of the game.

The win lifts Cameroon to the top of pool A in the Africa zone. Cameroon now has 7pts ahead of Gabon 6pts, Togo 5pts and Morocco 3pts.

Gabonese head coach Alain Giresse and fans still believe in their chances to make it to the South Africa world cup. Speaking at the post-match press conference, Mr. Giresse said “Cameroon’s victory cannot be contested”. He however said his team still hopes to win its last two games and qualify for the World Cup. This will mean Cameroon may stumble against Togo or Morocco.
A second goal from new team captain Samuel Eto’o in the last two games has renewed the love lost between most fans and the striker.

The overall team play of the Indomitable Lions has improved remarkably, with beautiful offensive play that drew applause more than once from the home fans.

Emana, Webo and Eto’o all showed of what mettle they are made, while new striker, Alo’o Efoulou came into the second half to brighten the game with some scintillating dribbles. The return of Alexandre Song from suspension, also stabilized the midfield, giving the other players more leverage.

The young stalwarts Nicholas Nkoulou in central defense, Aurelien Chedjou in midfield, all showed the are reliable teammates, on whom coach Paul Le Guen can count.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cameroon rekindles 2010 hopes

Two stunning goals from Achille Emana and Samuel Eto’o in a hostile Omar Bongo stadium, Libreville rekindles hope for a world Cup qualification for Cameroon.
The Indomitable Lions arrived Libreville last of their pool, needing nothing but a win, against the Panthers of Gabon, group leaders. A largely overhauled Cameroonian side featuring young players like Bassong, Nkoulou, Alo’o Efoulou, Samen a Tchoyi had an uphill task, against a confident Gabonese side, seeking its first-ever world cup qualifying ticket.
Beyond the sporting stakes of the game, Cameroon vs. Gabon also had a political twist to it. The game initially slated for June 20, was postponed following the death of veteran president, Omar Bongo Ondimba. Taking place after the contested and controversial elections of September 30, the game was clearly a high-risk one. The heir Ali Bongo Ondimba announced president Thursday, had been president only for 48hours, and hoped as is often the case on the continent, for a ‘football opium’, in a tense historic moment for his country. He was present among the 30.000 Gabonese fans.
The panthers pressured for the first 45minutes, giving Paul Le Guen, Cameroon’s new coach a real scare, more than once, in his first competitive game.
But second half goals from Emana and Eto’o, hushed the Gabonese fans, bringing them back to reality. The final score Gabon 0-2 Cameroon.
On Wednesday, September 9, Cameroon hosts Gabon in a rematch that could well put Cameroon back in contention for the lone world cup qualifying place of the group. This belief was made even stronger by the 1-1 draw between Togo and Morocco.

Gabon 6pts, Togo 5pts, Cameroon 4pts, Morocco 3pts

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