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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cameroon Police Pay and Go

In my beloved Cameroon, this is the real face of public administration. When the police pull you over, especially taxis, everyone in the cab is expecting the cab driver to 'settle' the officer.
That is give the traditional 500 CFAF coin or bill, and carry on, because thats the only way you'll save time.

They won't fine you. They'll keep you there for as long as it takes you to understand.
Last Saturday I was taking my 9 month old daughter to hospital, and this group of police officers with 4 female officers pulled us over for parking out of a taxi parking space.

The cab driver had to perform the ritual...with our no-nonsense police 'girls'

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  1. what a man can do, a woman can do and even better ... unless some radical action is taken we have generations in Cameroon with corruption in their genetic code... we have to ruthlessly knock out those genes... corruption is worse than cancer and aids combined to the life of any nation... it is a human thing and doesn't discriminate between male and female...