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Sunday, September 15, 2013

CPDM, CDU, FSNC, SDF stage political rallies in Ngaoundere on first day of Campaigning

Hooting bikers, and flag-waving convoys signal the start of Municipal and Parliamentary election campaigns in the streets of Ngaoundere, chief town of the watershed Adamawa region. Caravans of various political parties criss-crossed the main commercial street of Ngaoundere each trying to out-shout the other. The CPDM, and NUDP parties were most visible in the early hours of the day. Their flags floating on electricity poles.   The CPDM launched its campaigns at the plush Haut Plateaux residence of its biggest spender, El hadj Mohamadou Abbo Ousmanou. He revealed that the CPDM Central Committee has injected 34 million CFAF to the region’s campaign effort. Mr. Abbo himself donated 11 million to the five divisions where the party is competing for almost every council and parliamentary seat.  The FSNC competing for two council seats in Ngaoundere I and Ngaoundere III. Their campaign kicked off with an over 15km motorcade between Manwi and Yalla-Yarna in the Ngaoundere III district. Later on in the day they staged a rally to set up 6 party cells, with calls to likely voters to withdraw their cards and vote on Election Day.   The CDU made its statement of intent, by canvassing for votes door-to-door in Tchabal Margo and a public rally in Margal. CDU national president and wife said their programme addresses the development needs of each locality, as well as the study conditions of students. The SDF also launched its campaigns in Ngaoundere with a late evening rally this Sunday in the Marche Centrale

Esplanade neighbourhood. Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi who is in the northern part of the country says they are vying for 10 council seats in the Adamawa region. Ten parties are contesting for as many parliamentary seats and even more mayoral seats across the Adamawa.

The region has an electorate of 360.637 registered voters, who will vote in 1.346 polling offices on September 30.

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