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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pioneer newscasters Eric Chinje and Denise Epote host TV news as Cameroon celebrates 25 years of television.

It was a thrilling experience for Eric Chinje, and Denise Epote Durand, two pioneer newscasters of the Cameroon radio Television, returning after more than a decade, to host the primetime newscast.
This special newscast broadcast this night on the CRTV is part of commemorations marking 25 years since the first TV broadcast was beamed into Cameroonian homes.

Eric moved on to the World Bank, and UN, while Denise moved on to french television TV5.

However both have remained an immense inspiration for Cameroonian boys and girls of my generation who dream of a career in television.

Here is a video of bits of the newscast, as you may notice, I filmed with my private camera, sometimes from poor angles. But I guess I captured some of the magic of the moment.

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