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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Professional Risks


  1. Hello Beau-Bernard,

    It is quite disheartening what these bloody men-at-arms can be up to at times. In fact, it pricks my bone right to the marrow to see some of our so-called "military men" who think they are more Cameroonian than others, descend on a poor cameraman like bees in a wild chase of an adversary.

    If not for the tripod and the seeming "military might" exhited by a crowd of uncivilised "khaki boys", I am sure your cameraman must have beaten one of them hands down.

    It is such a shame for a country that preaches press freedom on the altar and exercises Marshall Art brutality on its "believers" - muscled by overzealous military officers (indeed!).
    This is is a perfect mix of the comic and the tragic!

    And did you say these "bad boys" pass around for law enforcement officers in the Ministry of Justice where press freedom should be a watchword? Can Cameroonians really trust military officers in whose fragile hands our security and life rest?

    Come to think of it, if a military officer can treat journalists of the state media with such brutality... then what more of the private press?

    Before I end my commentary, I will like to remind my "brothers and sisters in uniform" that THE PEN IS MIGHTIER!


  2. The other day, it was BIR elements beating up defenseless students in Soa (the umpteenth BIR assault on the people they are supposed to protect). Someone should be telling whoever the military are protecting in this country that they seem not to have anymore work to do after Bakassi.

    Their might should rather be shown on pirates and coupeurs des routes, who are armed like themselves; not on unarmed civilians.

    It's really a pity this happened right at the central services of the Ministry of Justice.

    Spot-on Mutta.

    Abel Akara Ticha