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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bendskin Chaos

As Cameroonian towns grow into cities, many more commuters depend on commercial motorcylists, known as 'bendskins' to go from one place to another.
But these bikers are blamed for killing at least one person each day in rampant road accidents, making them pass for a lawless gang of rough-riders.
A decision by the Prime Minister's office in 2008, sought to regulate their gross disregard of the Highway Code and other safety measures. However the bikers have stayed their course.

Bendskins employ a huge number of unemployed youths in the country, and they strongly resist any form of control.

fonka mutta beau-bernard tried to find out why they prefer to live dangerously.

1 comment:

  1. Fonka i think its high time these reckless riders are brought to order before the situation degenerates into further chaos and an uncontrollable anarchy in the sector widely acclaimed as a poverty alleviator amidst rising unemployment and a ballooning job crisis.Else many more innocent souls will be prematurely taken to their graves on a daily basis.